Meet La Gang


Since a tender young age Kristina always knew she wanted to be her own boss. LaLa's (although Kristina thinks she is the boss) is the real boss! Having gained experience as a carsalesman (woman really), a shoe salesperson, and cocktail waitress (where the most money was made) she decided that she had what it took to be her own boss...since 1996 she has been the powerhouse behind LaLa's, in the Cove, on the Drive and online. It's a pleasure working with wonderful people in a wonderful industry! 



When not consuming all of the Tea Forte and Hammond's caramels on The Drive, Christina (or "Lil C" as we call her round here) designs costumes for theatre and film. Christina loves working on The Drive because of the fun-loving people (both in and out of the store), as well as Lalas' close proximity to delicious cannolis!


If she isn't spotted eating a Kit Kat bar, playing ukulele in the park, or with her eyes glued behind a cozy book, you might spot Christina (Fergie works too!) wrapping gifts and singing out of pitch inside Lala's on the Drive! Being a new addition to the Drive, having moved here from the Island, she has really enjoyed getting to know the wonderful characters in the area. Something she has achieved lately? Well, if you're someone who can't whistle but you've always wanted to, keep trying! After a year or so of loved ones putting up with her horrible half whistle and wheezing sounds, Christina can now whistle like a songbird right out of a Disney film!


She comes to us from tiny Guatemala (nope, that wasn't a typo), and as weird as this might sound, she's the only REAL redhead on our team! Maria is a Hospitality Management School graduate who loves working at Lala's and being hospitable to our regular clientele, as well as all the funky and interesting locals and tourists that like to frequent her shifts. You can usually find her at Lala's feeding her Interior Designer and Gourmet Chef wannabe skills, or walking around the Cove with her 2 year old son/heartbreaker and stand-up comedian-in-training husband!

Zoe Longeway-Lewis 1989-2014 

LaLa’s remembers Zoe Longeway–Lewis, a true treasure of a person.  

Zoe left us peacefully, surrounded by those she loved most, including family and friends, her brothers and sister, and fiancé Scott MacKay. Everyone who knew Zoe was better for it, and we remember her lovingly as being caring and generous in spirit. 

Zoe recently completed her first year in Fisheries, Wildlife, and Recreation Management at BCIT, and was excited to start her job as a Parks Operator on the North Coast Trail this summer. She also completed her Business degree at Capilano University, worked at LaLa's, Arcteryx, Whistler Mountain and Mount Seymour Resorts. She was an active athlete, a nature (and especially dog) lover, who rode her bicycle twice from Vancouver to Seattle to raise money for the Ride to Conquer Cancer, as well as being active in the snowboard, mountain bike and forest stewardship communities where she lived. Zoe was a member of the To The Max cycle team, supported her favorite charity "Beyond Boarding" and "World Wildlife Foundation", and was a self described "forest sweeper" who removed trash from the mountain areas where she loved to live and play. 

From all of the LaLa Gang, we have been touched in a deep way by your stand up presence and we will hold you in our hearts always. See you on the trail Zo…xo 

"Keep your head up and your heart strong"